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Access to and use of this site is subject to the Terms and Conditions listed below. Use of this site, other than to read these terms and conditions without accepting them, constitutes agreement to comply with all these terms and conditions.

The intent of this website is to provide general information and is not intended as an attempt to collect a debt. When a property appears it is not intended to reflect upon the mortgagor's, owner's or occupant's credit worthiness. Foreclosure on a property does not always imply nonpayment as there are many other valid reasons. The mortgagor, owner or occupant may not have personal liability or responsibility for payment of the security deed on the property.

Phillip Jones Law makes no representations as to the existence of other liens on the properties listed on this site. Independent searches of the land records in the county in which the properties listed reside should be conducted to determine the status of the title and the existence of other liens on the properties.

Phillip Jones Law makes no representations as to the condition of any of the properties listed on the site. Appropriate actions by the user of this site should be taken to determine the condition of the properties listed for sale.

Any and all information with regard to "estimated amount of bid" is only provided as a good faith estimate of a possible opening bid and is subject to change at any time without notice. Phillip Jones Law makes no representation that a foreclosure sale will actually be conducted for said estimated bid amount. Phillip Jones Law makes no representation that the estimated amount of bid is accurate. The user of this site waives any and all claims against Phillip Jones Law resulting from reliance on said estimated bid amounts.

Phillip Jones Law makes no representations that any property listed on this site will be sold at foreclosure on the dates listed on this site or any other date. Users of this site agree they will assume sole risk for use of this site and the information contained within this site. Neither Phillip Jones Law, its partners, associates or staff guarantee the accuracy of the data within this site or the results that may be obtained from use of this site.

Phillip Jones Law has established this site as a means to provide general information about pending foreclosure sales. The website is not intended to:

  • Provide legal advice or legal opinion
  • Establish an attorney-client relationship
  • Provide investment advise

Receipt of information from this site does not constitute an attorney-client relationship and under no circumstances should the interaction with this site be interpreted as creating an attorney-client relationship. Independent legal counsel should be sought prior to acting on any information obtained from this site. This information in the site is not intended as a substitute for obtaining legal advice from an attorney in your state.

Phillip Jones Law shall have no liability for investment decisions made by the user of this site based on the information provided. An attorney, broker and/or financial advisor should be consulted before making any investment decisions.

Phillip Jones Law shall have no liability whatsoever to any user of this site for any claim(s) relating to the use of the site or the data contained within the site regardless of the form of action whether based in contract or tort.

Phillip Jones Law shall have no liability to any user of this site for any lost profits or other consequential, exemplary, punitive, incidental, indirect or special damages arising out of the use of or the inability to use this site.

Users of this site may create printouts of the information contained on this site for personal use only. The data or any portion of the data may not be copied, downloaded, stored, published, transmitted, transferred, sold or otherwise used in any form or by any means except as expressly authorized by these terms and conditions. The data, or any portion of the data, shall not be sold, licensed or distributed in any form to third parties, used as a component or as the basis for any material offered for sale, license or distribution. The use of the data to create mailing or marketing lists for commercial purposes or distribution to third parties is strictly prohibited.

Except for the license granted by these terms and conditions, all right, title and interest in the data on this site, in all languages, formats and media throughout the world, including all copyrights, are the exclusive property of Phillip Jones Law.

Phillip Jones Law reserves the right to change or discontinue at any time any aspect or feature of this site including, but not limited to, the content, hours of availability and equipment needed for access or use. Nor does Phillip Jones Law warrant that access to this site will be uninterrupted or free.

The terms and conditions represent the entire agreement between the parties with respect to this site. These terms and conditions supercede any and all prior understandings and agreements, oral or written, as they relate to this site. These terms and conditions shall be governed and construed under the laws of the State of Tennessee.


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